How to Find the Right Job by Building Relationships: Networking

Build up the right relationship with right people and nurture them over time and you’ll always have a leg up in the competition.”  Whether you’re a struggler or simply a newbie and looking for the right job option, use the strength of your relationships and you’ll surely reach the right place.


Often during networking seminars, when students are asked about why they decided to attend the seminar, a common answer comes, “I am unable to communicate with others, I’m very introvert.” This ‘deficiency’ in people where they feel discomfort while talking to others often impairs them from getting success. This article revolves around such people who lack ‘networking skills.’

Let’s explore the benefits of building relationships to accomplish your desire of getting the right work opportunity in life.

What is EffectiveNetworking?

Building relationships is networking. It’s about learning things about other people – knowing them better. Networking not at all means pushing or self-serving on others, it is just building fair relationships with all. For those who find networking difficult, you’re already networking every day. The moment you start talking to somebody, you build a relationship.

Networking is a great and the simplest way to find a job – better than searching for job through Google, advertisements, agencies or portals. Your network of friends, colleagues, or associates is a precious resource for job search. If used smartly, networking can be fun and rewarding.

How networking is a better job search option?

  • Today, it is not at all easy to find a job. The key cause is that companies do not announce their job openings; only ‘word of mouth’ can fill them.
  • People are more interested in doing business with people they know. It is hard to impress the employers just by your resumes and cover letters.
  • Employers find it more comfortable to hire applicants who are recommended members, rather than selecting the one from among a long list of job seekers.
  • Networking offers a chance to get job information often before a formal job is announced.     

Tips for Effective Networking And Job Search

  • List out people in your network: If you think you don’t have people in your network, you are certainly mistaken. Your family, friends, relatives, neighbors are an important part of your network. Also, your network is bigger than you think.

List out all those names you have saved in your mind. Include those who are from relevant job fields, or schools, colleges, social media, etc. Also, think about people you know in close connections like sister’s friend, brother’s spouse, father’s business partner, etc.


  • Reach out to your network: Make contact with your network and let them know that you’re looking for a job. Tell them thoroughly about your requirements and what you expect regarding your job. Enquire them, if they have any related information.


  • Improve your networking skills: Effective communication is a keystone of networking. It comprises a set of skills like paying attention to what others say, managing stress, and considering your own emotions and others. Remember, there is no place for misunderstanding in effective communication.


Focus on building network: Networking is a way of relating to others. The more you spread out your network, the greater are the chances for you to reach your goal. Evaluation of your network is also crucial. Think about your network’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.  Keep it updated so that you don’t miss life-changing opportunities that will help you move forward.

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