Job Search Made Easier Through : Networking

Job Search Made Easier Through Networking

Job searching could be tedious and a stressful job in itself. While we are polishing our skills, updating our resumes and aggressively searching the job market, one tool that could prove very effective is : Networking. To guarantee that we have a steady flow of prospects coming our way through out our professional journey is through actively networking. Significant amount of job opportunities, flow directly from the companies to the people referred by employees.

Any network rich personnel will agree how resourceful it is to have a good network and vouch its effectiveness when initiating a career move. It’s a very helpful tool that could catapult your professional journey, be it your first job or a better one. For some, this trait comes naturally, while some have tohone this skill. None the less, it’s an investment that will see you throughout your professional career.

By actively networking with former school/college/university batchmates via job boards or career networks, you can ascertain accelerated flow of information apropos job postings in their companies.Therefore, having a good circle of contacts from your industry or background would not only be insightful but immensely valuable for your professional growth.


Connect with Your BatchMates And Reap The Benefits

While networking is about building long term relationships and will gradually become second nature, there are some smart techniques that would help you with your job search right away.

  • When we talk about network, it contains people we know from all walks of life, School and college friends, ex colleagues and colleagues, professors, neighbors, relatives, acquaintances etcetera. List out all your contacts you could reach out to.
  • Self-assessment is required to know where you are and where you what to be. If it’s your first job or a better job you are aiming at, knowing the industry, sector, position you are reaching for is quintessential.
  • Prioritize and get in touch with people in your network, directly or closely associated with the type of industry you are looking for. You could easily get this information on Almabay.
  • Touch base with as many contacts as you can, through phone, emails or social media. All you are doing is, letting people in your close circle know that you are open to job/growth opportunities if they come across any, now or in future. Even if they don’t belong to the same industry, they might know of someone in their network who does and can lead you to them.
  • Networking is a reciprocal relation and it requires fueling from both sides to function successfully. Making it a habit of staying in touch and connecting regularly makes it easier when reaching out with an agenda. Work towards maintaining the existing network and gradually build it for future endeavors.
  • Follow-up and share the status of your position, if favorable share the news, personally and appreciate the efforts made by them, even if it didn’t materialize through them.
  • Networking is about your connections and how well you make it work for you. It’s building on your relationships and making it mutually rewarding in the process. Remember to, realize your need, reach-out and reconnect with your contacts, reap the benefit and be resourceful in return.

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