Recognizing what you’re good at is the key to find the right career. How to discover the appropriate key skills within?

A common yet perplexing question that often turns students ‘pale’ during the interview is probably, “What you’re best at?” or “What skills makes you stand unique?” Everybody knows what they are good at, but they don’t realize it. So, here are a few simple ways to discover your key skills within. Have a look.


When I went for my first interview for the profile of writer, I was being asked by the interviewer, “Why we should hire you? Convince us you’re the right candidate”. I simply said, “I think I am the best because I can write well.” Unfortunately, I didn’t got the job. Although, today I can make anyone count my key skills on fingers, but a time was there when I didn’t knew what I am really good at.

This is a genuine problem of almost everybody. It’s not that we don’t possess skills and abilities, of course we do. Every individual differs from others in some or other way. The only thing is that we aren’t unable to discover our best because we never gave it a thought.

Organizations today demand unique employees with some extra-ordinary skills and tacts. And, trust me! We all our amazing! But just we need to know ourselves from within, what makes us different from others. This would save us from those head-scratches, ummss and arhhhsss.

A ‘key skill statement’ is a summary of your most powerful attributes and skills. Discovering your skills is a part of your personality development. So, follow these effortless ways to know yourself better. Check them out!

  1. Stop PEEPING within – It’s great to look within yourself, but not when you don’t know what you’re best at. Try to assess yourself by answering questions like what attracts you the most, what all you like to do, whom do you love to be with, etc. You can even take help of your friends, family, colleagues, etc.
  1. Try things that you are afraid of – Our fear suppress us and don’t allow any of our hidden talent to rise to the surface. Trying the scariest thing is one of the best ways to explore your hidden skills. The moment you cross you comfort zone, you’ll be surprised to see your new capabilities.
  1. Take assessment Tests – Internet has bestowed us with many valuable services. And as such, it well understands the need and demand of the present scenario in professional world. You can find many online career websites that also provide the free service to take self-assessment tests. You just need to answer a few questions honestly and the outcome of test will clearly indicate your key skills. Isn’t it a quick, affordable and easiest way to know you?
  1. Evaluate your past – Think of your past, recall all the achievements, successes and accomplishments. A thorough scan of your proud past will help you know your key skills.
  1. Seek help from Mentors – If still there’s some confusion, take guidance from your seniors or mentors. Sometimes, people associated with us closely know us better. You can also take help of alumni programs that can help you explore your key skills through various tests and counseling programs. Not only will they help you know yourself better, but will also guide through your career decision and development.

Knowledge is important, but skills are a necessity. So, know yourself and stand out fearless!

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