Started a new career! How can alumni engagement platform find the right mentors for you?


They say, “It is so essential to surround yourself with individuals who have already passed through, where you want to be.” So, having a mentor means learning with someone’s experience to reach a desirable state in life. As such, the various alumni programs strive to get the newbies a perfect mentor to guide them. Have a look, how?


So, you finally decided the right career option for you, which way to go and what to do in life. Still, the fear of failure at every step in building a strong career ponders you often, isn’t it? You feel something missing. Wondering what? A right MENTOR.

Since we are born, we need someone to guide us in all what we do throughout the life. Parents guide us during our infancy and the teachers and friends during our teenage. Building a career and achieving success in it is the only aim of our life today. As such, we need someone to guide us through the entire journey and to help us in making right decisions at various stages.

When it comes to choosing a right mentor, we get puzzled up by a number of questions such as:

  • Who is an idol mentor for me?
  • How to know who is the right mentor for me?
  • Where to look for my right mentor?
  • How to approach my perfect mentor?

Here is where the various alumni engagement programs come into action. To make the process of finding right mentors for the students or freshers a hassle-free job, alumni programs offer a broad spectrum of opportunities and support.

Here are a few ways by which alumni engagement programs help find a right mentor for students.

  1. Offering myriads of options to choose – The alumni programs offers us with numerous options of mentors to choose from. Enlisting each of them with their qualifications, expertise, achievements and other important details help us in getting an idea to select a few to top the charts. This greatly reduces our efforts.
  2. Opportunity to know them better – Besides offering the professional details, the alumni programs proffer us the opportunity to know closely the mentors we are interested in. Students get the opportunity to talk and visit the professionals. They have the chance to ask questions and learn more about them as an individual.
  3. Experience speaks – The alumni mentors are experienced students or professionals that are capable of providing career guidance, encouragement and advice on important aspects of the career development. They also help in building professional contacts in and around the desired place and give a better idea about our selection.
  4. Building Strong Connections – Through the interaction of alumni programs, students are able to build stronger connections to various institutions. Many students today are learning vocational curriculum where networking plays an important role along with past experiences. Mentoring through alumni programs provides both of these important opportunities.
  5. Offering a strong networking – By offering various significant services like campus tours, clubs and campus groups, etc. can help students well-understand their own requirements and look for the right mentor accordingly. By sharing their own ideas, doubts and fears, they get an open platform to get addressed by the trusted minds of their seniors and other professionals.


Getting a right mentor at the right time aids in identify the goals and aims in one’s life. This also gives them an idea of the industry parameters and pressure which they will tackle better in future. And… alumni programs are the simplest and quickest way to get the right mentor.

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