Tips for Strengthening Your Job Network

Relying exclusively on the internet for job search is mere limiting your prospects today. Networking or building relationships is the top strategy today.

Whether you’re a newbie or a start-up executive in a company, to reach a position you need strong networking. Especially, when it comes to searching for a job, students should not just concentrate on making their resumes effective, instead they should focus on building an efficient network or strengthening the existing one.

Networking is more about ‘farming’ than it is about ‘hunting’. It’s about cultivating relationships

Some people are born as networkers, while for others it is a daunting task. So, it is a must for people to earn skills to build network and maintain the health of their network. The selection strategies in companies doesn’t rely today merely on qualification, skills and quality resumes, a candidate with strong networking is considered  eligible today.

Experts suggest people to spend 80% of their time in employing their network contacts. Have a quick look at these simple ways to build your network.

  • Make contacts through social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • Look around in close relations, friends, old colleagues, neighbors, etc. Never forget, you know more people than you Know.
  • Associating with portals like alumni programs and other professional organizations to build more relations.

When it comes to networking, especially for job search, one must remember a rule, “The more liberal your network is, the greater are the chances for you to learn, grow and win even those openings that aren’t announced.”

Surround yourself with the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even if you don’t see it yourself.”

So, to help you along the way in ensuring a good health of your network and fortifying it, consider below enlisted tips:

  • Say ‘Hello’ frequently

Enjoying coffee or lunch with everybody in your contact isn’t possible.

However, it is important for you to keep in touch with some of the key people who could help with your job search. Be in touch with them and invite them to lunch or coffee. You can also ask them to company you to some event or seminar. Face-to-face interaction is as important as online networking.


  • A Royal treatment to all-
    Never rank your contacts; each one deserves to be treated with respect. It is often said, a frog to one can be a prince or princess to other. So, be kind to all.


  • Don’t clutch yourself into limits
    You cannot build a network in a single day or by a single event. Increase your limitations. Visit atleast one event every week. Try to make a few new contacts in every event you attend. You’ll find that you’ve created a huge network by the end of the year. 
  • Become a Great Networker
    Great networkers enjoy associating with people. Try to discover within yourself what you can do for others. Nothing comes for free today. Try to develop a DNA (Dynamic Networking Ability) within you and realize its power.
  • Think Beyond

Don’t just build relationships with those belonging to your industry or field of interest. You never know, who can do what for you. Let plenty of exciting opportunities from various industries knock your door. Who knows, where you next great job will come from?

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