How to actually start working on your Dream Job?

Ever since we are born, we are made to do what we are least interested in. Sometimes it works well but after a certain age, it feels like bamboozling, especially when it comes to deciding our dream career.

I always wanted to get into administrative jobs. But, my parents wanted me to be a doctor, so I tried for medical entrance. Unfortunately, I couldn’t clear the exam. I opted for computers in my graduation and post – graduation. Although, my grades were perfect, yet the subject failed to hold my interest in opting it as a permanent career option. The designing part was unexciting for me and the development part a little complex. Due to my skills, I started with managerial jobs at an initial level. Everything was going well, I worked really well with full enthusiasm and earned a lot of appreciation at every step and every job.

Over time, I started losing my interest in the job; it no more was appealing to me, no new challenges and the same routine daily. And, the lack of interest started reflecting in my performance. The day changed, everything appeared boring and lifeless to me. I was fed up of that ‘dead’ routine. Every morning I woke up, I had a question in my mind, “Is this what I really wanted?” And my heart and mind used to scream loud, “No, damn it!”

One day, I found an opening in one of small-scale IT Company. They needed an ‘editor’ to write blogs for their website. This really attracted me as this was something similar to my taste. Out of my curiosity, I applied and went for the interview. After two-three written rounds, I got selected and the job was in my hand. Today, I’m working as a Senior Creative Writer in a renowned firm and I am very much happy and satisfied with what I’m doing and where I am.

It just took a minute for me to decide and everything was right on the track. This is something that happens with most of us today – pursuing a career with no interest, due to emotional or financial circumstances and regretting for the entire life. Come on! Follow your dreams, it’s your life. Don’t just wait for the right time, right time need to be created.

Here I’m sharing a few secrets to find the career you love. Stick around!

  1. Quit if it’s not working – Often people stick to the job for long they hate, knowing the fact that they want to do something different. Reason can be financial distress or not knowing what it is that they really want to do. But, remember, you won’t ever figure it out sitting at a job and spending all your time and mind on an uninteresting and tedious job. If the current situation isn’t working well, just QUIT right now! An urgency or quick decision can be a little uncomfortable, but it can turn into a powerful life changing moment.
  1. Chase you Curiosity – Following you curiosity will lead you to the desired outcome, which will surely reap good in long run. Chasing it helps you discover who you are and what you want to be. It sets you on the path of unseeing your creativity. 
  1. Don’t just revolve around making money – If you really want to do something you love, make ‘earning money’ as your secondary concern. It’s not always sure that you earn huge in the first go, while doing the desired job. Thinking more about finances will limit your options to predictability and will prevent you from doing what you like. On the contrary, following honestly your curiosity will take you to a powerful position in life, which will eventually help your earn a lot. 

You just need to trust yourself and your dreams… and… a successful life is waiting for you ahead!!!

1 thought on “How to actually start working on your Dream Job?

  1. Thanks for the article.Really nowadays we people are not satisfied with our job profiles which we have chosen just because to earn money.This is truly mentioned in the article “Quit if it’s not working” .I always believe in “Live or Leave ” .It is always better to leave the job profile if things are not working for us.We just need to follow our passion .Things will be better day by day.

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