What if Your Passion Becomes your Profession?

We Indians have a problem! We do not mix our profession with our passion. What we do is entirely different from what we actually want to do. There are many students who opt for streams other than their interest. Reasons may vary – family pressure or parents’ expectations, financial crisis, unavailability of resources or lack of information. In such a scenario, the essence of “career” is lost somewhere, it gets constrained to a fixed routine to earn.

This is the reason why the Indian students lack interest in their jobs….they are forced to do what they aren’t willing to. But, what if our passion becomes our profession? What if we get the opportunity to do what we love to? Wouldn’t it be exciting to do what you love instead of choosing another way of loving what you do? Give it a thought!!!

Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession

According to the Bhagvat Gita, Yoga means “Dexterity in action” that can make you successful in your work. This isn’t possible if you are in a career towards which you are not devoted. It is said, “You have to go southwards to go northwards.” Hence, it is also important to focus on the consequences of not choosing the right career. Our work occupies a majority of daily hours when we are awakened. And if those hours are miserable, our life too becomes unbearable. Think of a day when you’re asked to eat ‘biryani’ when you feel like eating chowmein. You still eat it to feed your empty stomach. Similar is the feeling when it comes to doing a job you don’t love… Not just for a day… But for the entire life! The magnitude of this problem can be expressed with expressions such as “pain and suffering for the lifetime, “Lifetime imprisonment”, or “suicide”.

Chris Hadfield, an astronaut once said, “Don’t let life randomly kick you into the adult you don’t want to become.” When we were kids, we hardly thought about the ’thins and thicks’ of doing what we loved. We loved to play and we played. We were gravitated towards all the fun that gave us the real happiness, don’t you think so?

So, tie your shoes and get ready! Put your hands into what all you love and take it to the next level. It can be anything – photography, dancing, painting, astrology, administration or yoga. I loved playing with words, so I opted to be a writer and today I am very happy with what I do. The world is full of opportunities; you just need to make little efforts to follow your passion. If you love capturing nature-explore your opportunities in photography; if you love speaking and talking-be a Radio Jockey. The best thing here is that you can attain expertise easily in your passion and can get you bread and butter with it.

Start following your passion and turn it into your profession today. Remember, it’s never too late for a new beginning, as long as you are breathing. ….At least, it won’t make you regret doing something you dislike. Instead, you’d live every moment doing what you love the most. Live up your passion and feel the real joy!!!

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