Answering the Tricky interview question “Why do you want to work with us?”

Often candidates lose a job due to the tricks that recruiters play with them – asking perplexing questions during the interviews. The most common, yet the one that makes a job seeker nervous or lose its confident is, “Why you want to work with us?” And simply answering it, “Because your company is the best” doesn’t really work well here.

Answering such questions is little tricky, so you really need to learn a few important things on how to face such questions confidently to make way for your selection.

It is important here to understand that your answer should convince your recruiters easily. With your answer, they should feel that you are the one who could complete their hunt.  Hence, giving them more than one powerful reason is probably the ideal way to win over.

Simply, frame your answer including the below mentioned things:

  • Your caliber to fit in any company professionally

Bag your dreamjob with your professional skills! When replying to this question, talk about your proficient skills that can show your competence to take any challenge and complete it adeptly. Talk about your skills and how you will use them to benefit the company and help it achieve their goals. Explain them well how your skills can bring great difference in the company chores.

Sharing your enthusiasm and interest to help the company achieve its ambitions can act here like a “cherry on the cake.”

  • Spotlight the impact of your personality in the company’s culture

Try to impress the recruiter with your proficient communicating skills! But before this, you need to make some efforts to know the company’s culture.  Simply, research well about the company!

Focus on these things during your research work:

  • Company reputation in the industry
  • History and the achievements till date
  • Company work style and the industry reviews about its products or services
  • Customers comments about the company
  • Actions the company takes to enhance the skills of its employees.

You can take help of various sources like Google search, News/PR about company and even via social media profiles of company and employees.

You can also take a real life example of the founders, directors or manager of the company, their struggle, hardwork and success story to convey that the company has personalities who can inspire the youth, just like you. This will leave a positive impact on them.

  • Your individual interest in the job/company

A crucial consideration is definitely your interest in the company. Share how the job is suitable for you personally. You can include things like feasibility of company site, your individual interest in the company offerings, etc. Just be frank and talk about your own reason for being in the job in a smart way.

Remember an effective tip whenever you go for an interview: Don’t be fake! Speak just the truth about yourself. This approach will automatically build the recruiters’ interest in you.

So…all the best!

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