Secrets Your HR Won’t Tell You

It’s been almost 10 months I have been working in the current company. Being my first company, I believe that it is the best ‘starter’ for me. When you like a place or its people, you probably make more efforts whole-heartedly and this what exactly I did. Working till late, extra efforts, getting more projects for the company and completing them successfully!

And then came the most awaited time – my first increment! With all my hopes set high, I went for the meeting. I was also expecting good as the HR was a good friend of mine. Unfortunately, the increment didn’t stand up to my expectations. Neither my hard work nor the HR proved significant for me!!

I still wonder sometimes, my HR is very charming, kind and helping… but the reality is that HRs act very coy and cagey. This is the reason they have been appointed as an HR and not a casual employee like you or me!

She may be very close to you, but when she is an HR, she is not yours! She solely belongs to the company. You cannot know what your HR does – smartly and secretly!

So, here are 3 secrets that your HR will never ever own up to, but will help you in your job stability.

  1. Negotiate – Often during the interviews, when it comes to discussing the salary, we do not negotiate. However, the truth is that Haggling isn’t bad always! The HR is smart enough to hire you on a package that best suits the company. They try to make a deal that turns to be a ‘win-win situation for the company – hiring the best candidate at a favourable package. So, don’t hesitate to negotiate. This isn’t something impertinent.  You can also haggle for things like leaves, vacations, etc. flexibility, if satisfactory money isn’t being offered.
  1. Both your Do’s and Don’t matter – It is crucial for the employees to understand the significance of being an active participant in the extra activities, besides showing their professional proficiency. Indulge yourself in HR activities, company gathering and events, parties, games, sports meet, etc. These are some extra opportunities you get to show more of you. Above all – your HR notices all these! With this, your HR would probably recommend your name during promotions or bonuses.
  1. Play the tricks when required – The HR department makes the best possible efforts to hire a good fit for the company. Hence, they’ll try to dig you deeply during the interview to know everything about you. They won’t come straight to you, instead will put some tricky questions before you regarding your past experience, or by giving some perplexing situations for you to answer. They’ll act very kind and friendly with you at this time. Actually, they try to judge you and your worth to deal various situations. As such, you need to play the tricks here! Reply the way they expect – what you’ve learnt with your experience and how well you can deal with the things.

These are just a few common considerations you should know however, don’t assume that what was true at your previous company will be true at your next also.

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