Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get things right

“Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get things right”. So…what have you planned for yourself in this New Year?

When I was in my school days, every New Year, I pledged to improve myself in some or the other way…and I tried my best to keep up the promise…and trust me, I did.

New Year is a great occasion to list out the changes we want to bring in our life, especially for the students and to actually work upon them.

Check out the list of resolutions and see which suits you the best…choose them, note them out and try to fulfill them this year…But..Be honest!!!

  1. Learn and gain knowledge – There might be many students who‘d resolute to study hard and get good grades in exams. Come on! There’s nothing new in this as being a student it is your foremost requirement to score good in exams. This year, think little off the track. Take the resolution that whatever you’ll study this year; you’ll actually gain KNOWLEDGE from it, not just to score well but to gain something in life. 

Don’t just run behind good marks, increase your knowledge so that it stays there with you forever”

  1. Avoid procrastinating – A genuine concern for every student! We make to-do list with full enthusiasm but when it comes to implementing it actually, we postpone things. This doesn’t turn out so well. Postponing work can double your work load. Instead if you complete your work earlier, consider yourself ahead. So, resolute to complete your work as and when scheduled. 

“Everyday spent procrastinating is another day spent worrying.  Do it NOW and keep going!” 

  1. Learn to Save – Money does matters!! Often in school days, students run behind materialistic adores like video games, expensive pens, heavy pocket money, even smartphones, etc. and for this they trouble their parents. This year, learn to save. Even a single penny can bring great differences. It takes only 1 to turn 00 into a 100. 

Start saving for your future. Value money!”

  1. Trust YourselfSelf confidence and self-dependencies are the two essential pillars in a student’s life. Unfortunately, these days students lack these two qualities in them. Take the resolution to trust yourself more than anything else. Work hard, put all your efforts with confidence and chase your aim. You’ll definitely achieve your goal. 

Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” 

  1. Keep your resolutions – The biggest resolution – keep up all the resolution you made. Stick to them and try to fulfill them with all hard you can. Make sure to note down all your resolutions and keep a checklist to track your growth if you’re really keen. .

Hope this mini-list would inspire you to some level.

Feel free to share your own list of resolutions for the New Year with us.


Happy New Year!!!!

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