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“Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

Nothing could be more influential if you’ve good leadership traits. So, if you think you’ve the attributes of a great leader, a great supporter and a good mentor to guide your supporters and followers, AlmaBay Campus Brand Ambassador Program is the right platform for you.

What is the AlmaBay CBA Program?

AlmaBay CBA (College Brand Ambassador) program is a platform for those students who have the skills and caliber to become a good leader to guide and support other students from various colleges, schools and universities. Working as a CBA as part of Virtual Internships & Live Projects is an exciting way of awakening the mentor in you. With this platform at AlmaBay, you can fulfill your dream of being a leader and even prepare for a better leadership role in the future.

AlmaBay started this program with the mission to bring together 1,00,000 establishments across the globe through brand ambassadors and to build a trust by offering the youth with an engaging platform to find their dream career and right mentors in life.

Be a Brand Ambassador at Almabay

To become a CBA at AlmaBay, you should possess certain qualities:

  • Strong leadership and efficient team management skills.
  • Be able to organize groups and encourage membership.
  • Should have well established network and one who is respected in campus.

Responsibilities as a CBA

With position come responsibilities! And a leader without ‘everyday tasks’ is worthless. When you become an AMBASSADOR at AlmaBay CBA program, you are offered certain responsibilities for you to fulfill delicately and honestly. While the to-do list for CBA’s is endless, the fundamental responsibilities include:

  • Every CBA at AlmaBay should actively participate in organizing events to help students find right career direction.
  • CBA’s at AlmaBay should be well-associated and in-contact with the awesome mentors and leaders for their college.
  • CBA’s should utilize this platform smartly to list all small and big campus events.
  • CBA’s should understand the significance of technical and business workshops for students and hence should put all their efforts in organizing such workshops along with fun events at campus.

Privileges as CBA 

Learn and grow while leading and guiding!!! The CBA program at AlmaBay offers a great platform for the brand ambassadors to stay connected and engage with global students, leaders and industry heroes to horn their leadership skills and grow as an individual. To add a flavor of fun and excitement to their learning, AlmaBay invites all the CBA’s for lunch meetings and get together with visionary and top entrepreneurs for face to face mentoring. In addition, as a CBA at AlmaBay, you get direct access to boundless career and networking opportunities. Not only this, as a CBA at Almabay, you can enjoy the opportunity to be a part of virtual internships and exciting live projects happening with Almabay.

Besides these, CBA’s also get the following benefits in the form of add-ons:

  • Awesome goodie bags from Almabay with cool T-shirts, hoodies, mugs and diaries supplied throughout the year.
  • Mentoring and Networking with top gurus in different industries.
  • Lunch meeting and PDP programs at our office and top hotels.
  • Sponsorships to attend conferences in India and Singapore.
  • Awards and placement opportunities with Almabay. 

So, let that leader come out of you and help others to learn great leadership skills from you. Join our CBA program today and live your dream of being a great leader!

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