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With an objective to provide experience, expertise and direction to the students, AlmaBay has created mentorship programs that would not only prove to be advantages but profoundly insightful as well for students focusing on moving further in education or zeroing in, on career choices and opportunities ahead.


The primary motive of mentorship programs is to bring together/connect students at the threshold of professional endeavours and industry experts/professionals whilst making it a mutually rewarding association. The benefit of having direct exposure and career guidance from these professionals in the industry is of unmatched importance while students steer onto the next stage.

With a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and wide range of career choices available today, it becomes inevitable to bank on a reliable resource for support, advice and direction.  Mentorship program helps in providing the right amount of exposure required for determining goals, deriving guidance from mentors in related fields and understanding and preparing for the challenges in a particular industry.

How are these mentoring programs beneficial?

Benefits for the Mentees:

  • First and foremost, the primary advantage of this program is creating/building professional networks, which is a quintessential for personal and professional growth.
  • This is a best medium for directly learning from the experts about the work culture, industry requirements, challenges and rewards pertaining to industry.
  • Helps easy the changeover to work environment.
  • It provides the students with a yardstick to measure their own calibre for a certain industry/profession, areas/skillsets they need to enhance/develop/acquire to be at par/excel in a certain industry/profession.
  • This program gives students access to have open dialogues with their role models and derive aspiration, perspective and understanding/learning from their experiences through one-on-one sessions.
  • Enriching insights and guidance focusing on developing professional aspirations and personal objectives.
  • Provides access to the possible career prospects/opportunities through mentors directly as well as through their vast professional network.
  • Assistance in setting goals based on mentor’s practical knowledge and vast professional experience.
  • Possibility of being invited for company events and seminars.
  • Mentors help recognize strengths and weakness and impart constructive feedbacks.

Benefit for the mentors:

  • Helps connect and contribute the growth of new generation of talent pool.
  • Developing and enhancing their mentoring and leadership qualities.
  • Access to the new thought process, point of views and innovative ideas of the youth.
  • Opportunity to associate and maintain healthy and active connection with the university/institutions.
  • Serving as a role model and imparting the hard earned professional knowledge and expertise.
  • Develop relations, professional and personal as well as gain recognition as the face of the company/university.
  • Gain personal gratification through imparting knowledge as alumni and making a positive impact on others.
  • Access to student groups and communities prove beneficial during campus recruitments and other such events.

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