AlmaBay Activity Day

IMG_5992 AlmaBay Activity Day Celebration

It’s hot and it’s happening!!!

Keeping in mind the dedication, loyalty and hard work put in by the employees, AlmaBay has started an initiative to celebrate with this spirit first Saturday of every month, the “AlmaBay Activity Day”. This increases the interaction among the members of Almabay Family where they can share their views come up with new ideas and at the same time have fun, awards and activities.

To mark the essence of togetherness everyone flaunts the AlmaBay t-shirts on this day and comes armed with bright idea in the form of creative thoughts, reviews and feedbacks that would show up on the Facebook page. What better way to shine brighter!

Loads of awards up for grabs made the day all the more exciting….…

This was for the one who matches steps with the hands on the clock and is on the dot punctual. Mr. /Miss Punctuality award.

This award was bagged by Mr. Jeevan Kumar

Cleanliness is close to Godliness. Rightly so, which is close to our next award….all the clean freaks out there…here’s presenting the neatest nook award.

This was awarded to Mr. Snehasish

This is where your hard work pays off…..the Busy Bee Award for the ones who works so hard it shows on their logs.

Mr. Nishant got this award

Here’s an award for being smart in school, the Corporate Spelling Bee Game, compete with your colleagues and simply get your spellings right and this award is all yours.

This was bagged by 2 Ms. Komal and Mr. Sohajbir

And here is the last but definitely not the least award “the AlmaBay Activity Award” for generating the maximum AlmaBay account activity in the previous month.

Mr. Ankit got the first prize and Mr. Naresh Got the second prize

Series of exciting awards and activities made the day interesting and motivating at the same time.

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