Tips to Write an “Unbeatable” Resume

So, you’re ready to forward your resume to the company to get a desired job. What do you think about getting shortlisted? Is your six seconds of review enough to get you a job? Wondering!!!

Have a look!

  • According to BeHiring, on an average, 250 resumes are received for every corporate job opening. However, number varies according to the job and the company.
  • In addition, the first resume is received by the company within 200 seconds of their job posting.
  • Further, according to CareerBuilder, 61% or recruiters will reject your resume if your resume has a typo.
  • And, 43% of recruiters will reject you if they find a spelling error in your resume (Adecco).
  • On average, a hiring manager would review your resume just for 6 seconds.

This shows that without an effective resume, you cannot withstand the initial hiring process even for six seconds.

Hence, to increase your chances to get hired and that too with greater chances, here are a few tips to write a successful resume.

  1. Don’t miss the Small Stuff – Your resume delivers a lot of your personal information so that recruiters or companies can reach you. Hence, make sure you include important contact information including your name, email address, and phone numbers.
  1. Adopt a basic Format – Keep it as simple as you can. Avoid fancy font, layout, and other special effects. Use Times New Roman font style of 9 to 12 point size. Keep the text black. You can keep your name and the organizations you’ve worked with comparatively large but try to be consistent.
  1. To the Point – Tell what you’re required to. For example, include or simply start with a short summary of your professional background, attributes and skills. Avoid adding objectives to your resume. Recruiters care about their own and not yours. Leave out personal information like Age, Marital Status. They seem to be irrelevant.
  1. Follow a Proper Order – Resumes with a reverse chronological order are considered appropriate. Begin with your current or most recent job and then backwards. State the complete name of the organizations you worked for, include information like what they do and for how long you worked there – month and year. Then, add the position you held and at last your accomplishments. It is not mandatory to use full sentences, beginning with verbs will work.  For instance, “Managed company finance, tax, invoicing”.
  1. Let your Numbers Sell – Using industry jargons and making too many claims seems like you’re faking. This is one common mistake almost every job seeker makes while writing their resume. Instead, quantify your accomplishments. Put the numbers in bold. For instance, profit by 30%, came under 25%, benefitted 2%, etc.
  1. Proofread Twice – Before submitting your resume, check it twice for spellings, grammars, typos. Review all the information you provide to make sure that it is relevant, accurate and true. You can ask your seniors or a family member to review it once.


To conclude, an effective and appropriate resume can lead you to success directly. It’s like a first impression is the last impression. Keep your resume simple, easily understandable and not lengthy than two pages. All the Best!!!

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