Benefits of Mentoring Platforms for Students

Mentoring is an interesting and engaging extra-curricular that offers incoming and present students and alumni. It is about efficient usage of university resources, networking and connecting students and alumni, offering them support to handle their entire journey of life from university to professionalism.

Having a mentoring platform has proven to be very beneficial for the students, mentors and the mentoring university.

Here are 4 major advantages of a mentoring program for students.

  1. Improves placement rate for the students

College graduates suffer in a tough economy. As such, universities try to offer better career placements to their students that help them in maintaining their reputation too. But, how do they do this?

Many universities are enhancing their job placement rates by raising students through mentoring programs. These programs help in building network and connecting students to offer them with better tools for searching their job. Mentoring programs help students to find the right mentor in their field of study. Guidance from a senior or experienced helps the students get a better understanding of the various career options and resources available to them. It also helps them know about various job prospects around and associating with an alumni program can also land them their first job.

  1. Offers an inspiring college experience

Enriching activities such as mentoring develops better connection among students and alumni with their university and school. It helps them create a community that is rewarding and engaging.  Such programs ensure that students receive full support to be successful during and after graduation. It also builds academic and career preparedness, which leads to success, both as a student and a professional.

  1. Increases Student Retention Rate

Absence of right resources, connectivity and enough placement opportunities forces students to switch to a new college or university. However, by providing a mentoring program, students get support, right from the beginning from mentors who have been through similar experiences. Mentors can connect with young students and provide valuable recommendations and guidance. They tend to answer the real questions and can become a supporter for students, often at a more personal level than a busy college professional advisor.

  1. Connects Alumni

An important resource for every university or college is the Alumni and plays an important role in building university’s reputation. Hence, providing alumni an opportunity to become mentors is an excellent way to encourage them to remain associated with their institution. Connecting with strong alumni as mentors also gives a chance to the current students ask questions to someone who has been in their shoes. Such mentor networking allows recent graduates to get career advice from more experienced people in similar professions. This helps in strengthening an alumni support network through engagement and develops a community that believes in giving back to the school/college that made them successful

In all, offering a rewarding mentoring experience turns students and alumni into successful professionals and enhances a university’s reputation.



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