How to Become a Person Everyone Wants To Approach?

Who doesn’t wants to be in limelight, of course, in a good way? We humans want others to gravitate towards us and pay special attention to. Isn’t this true? We like it when everybody is behind us, wants to talk to us, takes advice from us, right! We want to have an enthusiastic dazzling personality that draws everybody towards us. Such a personality acts like a lifelong boon, be it your personal or professional life.

But, the reality is that not everyone shines like a Star!! Being that go-to girl or guy isn’t part of everyone’s persona; not all of us seem approachable or interesting. However, the good news is there are some simple ways by which you can create a positive aura calling flock of admirers around you.


Here are 5 simple yet effective ways by which you can become more approachable than others:

  1. Boost Your Tolerance – This is a must to add into your to-do list! This is because you might be surrounded by different kinds of people. It is not always necessary that you like each one of them or their silly talks, comments or queries. Definitely, this not at all means that you compromise your self-respect for others and start tolerating their intolerant behavior. Learn to be open-minded with people; everybody wants to feel they are being heard to. So, be a bit more tolerant and generous.


  1. Wear a SMILE! – A simple smile can win million! Greet people with a sweet smile because the more you smile, the better you seem to others. And when you’ll make a habit to smile, they’ll smile back.


  1. Keep Your Spirits High – Remember, people follow energetic, sharp-minded and active individuals. Talking to people in an excited way and with high energy is contagious and hence can attract them like bees to honey. Your high energy and enthusiasm will make them feel valued leaving a favored and lasting impact.


  1. Extend compliments –  When you expect people to adore or notice you, even you should reciprocate back in the same way. By offering compliments, people will see that you’re actually taking time to talk with them. A “love that tie” or “beautiful earrings” to a colleague will give off positive vibes. However, make sure your compliments feel genuine and no fake. Admiring comments to people with a smile also will brighten your day.


  1. Be Engaged – When people realize that they’re being approached greatly, they begin showing their dominance. Don’t do that at all! Trying to control a spotlight or conversation can ruin things. Instead, interact and engage yourself, listen to them with patience and respond back as and when needed. This will make them recognize you as a good listener and a positive person.


Bring a little change in you and your attitude towards others and you’ll soon realize how all this helps you become magnet to others.

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