4 Best Practices For Online Alumni Engagement

Campus days are one such part of everyone’s life, which nobody would like to forget. Besides gaining knowledge and experience, students have the fond memories of class bunks, first love, samosa parties and late night pyjama parties.

If you miss your buddies and want to re-live those memories, Alumni can be your simplest way out. Your college Alumni can be a great source for meeting your old students, career networking, and even university donations.

Earlier alumni engagement programs were confined to phone calls or direct emails. But now, with the increase in technology, things have changed entirely. To increase the standard and beat the geographical boundaries, alumni engagement strategies revolve around social media channels, connecting more alumni across the globe, and inviting their participation at various levels.

So, if you too want to take your alumni digital, here are 4 best practices for engaging your alumni online:

Social Media Conversations
Currently, over 90% of adults use social media sites. Look for your alumni online!

Jack Donaghy said, “Never go with a hippie to second location.” Similarly, some people are uncertain to quit Twitter or Facebook, even for a company they find trustworthy. While it’s quite well to post good reads or university announcements driving readers to your website, social platforms like Almabay offers you the opportunity to foster conversation on these platforms. Simply begin discussions, share photos, and ask questions.

Social Media Trainings/ Mentorship Programs
Learning and training have no stop. Hence, offer mentorship programs/ training to students even after post graduation can be a great way to engage Alumni.  With the help of social media platforms, universities can re-engage their older alums wanting to learn new skills. For instance, at Michigan State University, 25,000 alumni participated in 25 presentations.

Job Search Assistance
Job Search is one such resource that can best drive alumni back to their alma mater. Alumni networking can be valuable when you’re trying to join a new company or new industry. These days many universities are providing job listings on the basis of internal database. However, having that extra profile creation and password sometimes can be a barrier to participation. For instance, Almabay is a platform to incorporate in your alumni engagement strategy. Register on Almabay and your Alumni group will be created and you can motivate your old grads to join it using an email marketing campaign.


Get Information

It is important for organizations to know where their alumni are and what they’re looking for.

There can be two ways to get this information:

  • Take advantage of Google Maps – This is the perfect time to get updated information about the Alumni on Google Maps.
  • Alumni engagement events – Universities can seek information about their alumni by asking questions to learn what their old and even new grads need and how they can build long-term relationships with the alumni.

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