3 Metrics Universities Need to Adopt for Increased Admissions

For those who work in higher education marketing, new student enrollment is an important metric for them being a part of a university. To generate more leads and achieve higher conversion rates, it is crucial for you to keep good tabs on metrics like application counts, campus visit signups, etc. that ensure the success of your team.

In order to think about lead generation, on way is to look at the overall conversion rates of your campaigns. Conversion rate can be defined as “dividing the total number of people who completed your goal by the number of people exposed to your brand”.

Read on to learn more about the key metrics by which universities can increase the number of enrollments.

  1. Driving leads through Your “Request More Info” Form

The “request more information” form on your university website is a significant way to lead capture.  However, it is a complicated phase of your recruitment process too. This is because not all the students who are willing to get more information about your school/college would enroll with you.  However, making it easy for the potential students to fill in the form and enquire about your institution offers you an opportunity to collect more email addresses, which can further be used in the recruitment process, later.

  1. The Extent of your Campus Visit Signup

When it comes to lead generation, ask yourself a few questions like  how many students would actually sign up for a campus visit once they fill out the form requesting information about your institution? Such questions can help you segment your email list and forward targeted event information to those students who have shown their interest in your college/school. This is a great tactic that can be used for campus visit promotion and bringing in quality leads in future.

  1. Number of Visits to determine your Commitment Rate

Determining how many students actually visited your campus is again a useful metric to increase leads. With this information, you get more opportunities to implement promotional tactics to amplify this number and generate more leads. This evaluation will also give you an idea about what kind of students turned out to visit your campus, and their interest and expectations. This will help you in future in designing your lead capture campaigns.  In addition, this information will acts as a direct feedback showing the effectiveness of your campus visit campaign and help you improve in future.

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