Bit-Sized Tips to Improve Communication Skills at Workplace

In almost every aspect of life, whether personal or professional, communication is important for happiness and success.

However, when it comes to communication at workplace, things are some different than communication in personal life. Conversing at the workplace isn’t easy, especially if you need to have a business meeting or an important talk with your boss.

To ensure that your message is interpreted as intended, you need to know fundamental communication skills.  Hence, here are some easy tips to help you improve your communication skills at the workplace.


If you want your message to be conveyed and understood as you want, it is crucial for you to be prepared first. This means that first you should be clear in your mind about the purpose of your message and how exactly you should convey it.

  • For this, you should be clear in your point before conveying it with others.
  • If you’re in doubt, it is advisable to seek help from others and prepare questions to get clarity and reach a solution.
  • If you aren’t confident enough to proceed, think of your past successes to gain confident.
  • While communicating, be in a “we” attitude and not “me”. Do not forget you’re at your workplace and communicating with one of your colleague.



Interpret/Speak Clearly

The way you speak decides whether or not your message would be conveyed and received by your co-workers as intended.

  • If you are feeling nervous, take deep breath before you begin speaking to gain positivity.
  • Avoid difficult conversations and be honest.
  • Try to speak to the point and be concise. Avoid long explanations.
  • Use clear sentences.
  • Conclude by summarizing the main points.



Listen Carefully

For effective communication at the workplace, or even in your personal life, it is important for you to be a careful listener too. This is because when you want people to listen to you, even they expect the same from you. Moreover, at times you’re required to give your opinions or ideas too. Without listening to the speaker carefully, you won’t be able to share your words, which will create a negative impact on your colleagues.

  • When you’re listening to a person, try to avoid any type of distraction so that you can concentrate on what speaker is speaking.
  • Focus on the words and show full interest.
  • Don’t interrupt until the speaker has finished speaking.
  • Once they’re done with speaking, ask questions to ensure you understoond their messages.


Make Use of your Body Language

Your body language speaks a lot about you. Make a positive use of it to support your conversation.

  • While communicating with your colleagues, make eye contacts frequently.
  • If you understand and agree with the ideas of your colleagues, nod your face and smile.
  • Use the right body language such as do not sit cross-leg, avoid biting your nails, sit or stand straight. All these show your disinterest and nervousness.
  • If you’re nervous, concentrate in your breathing.

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