Alumni association benefits
Alumni Association and Benefits

While the reputation of any school/university greatly depends on the facilities, academic and extra-curricular results, investments and environment, there’s one aspect that requires encouragement and support to aid in boosting its reputation further.  ALUMNI  & THEIR ASSOCIATION !!!

Yes, Alumni Association can bring strength and expansion to the institution’s progress and reputation.

Alumni Association is a networking or association of former students. While the presence of school’s alumni plays a significant role in terms of administration and academics, it serves a greater purpose.  This is a fact that reputation and the achievements of the former students can benefit the present students. Alumni association is a unique and proven way to help the institution and its students to progress in life.

Educational institution, small or big, is all about its students, be it past or present. Although, staff and faculty are crucial, students are unique as they will forever fill a role. Keeping a track of most graduates once they embark on their careers isn’t easy, but with an alumni association, universities can still be in touch with their former students anywhere, anytime.

But why it is important for universities to keep a track of even their former graduates? Simply, because they create university’s reputation! The extent of their success determines the reputation of the university. However, this process is self-feeding also. If a university becomes popular for producing intelligent, innovative and successful graduates, then its reputation will naturally grow. The university will get more admissions and new graduates will have better career opportunities because of enrolling in a well-known university, and the process will continue.

Alumni Association also helps maintain the university through volunteerism and donations. Keeping a university on its feet requires a lot of investment and a big portion of that comes from alumni donations. Also, universities sometimes use large donations to offer its students with latest technology, improved campus and better facilities. This, in turn, keeps universities appealing and competitive. It also increases the faith of students on their universities.

Further, the ranking of educational institution depends greatly on the amount of alumni participation they have. This isn’t surprising as past students will prefer associating with their universities or schools only if they feel like they had a quality educational experience.

Moreover, attending a school or college with a very active alumni would also encourage its present graduates to associate and remain active after their graduation, which is like perpetuating a good cycle.

Alumni Association is also an easiest way to build and enhance networking. While it may sound like an oversimplification, one cannot overlook the power of networking, both for the students and the administration. Building new contacts and enhancing the connections you create is vital for career development. Also, this can potentially have surprising payoffs in other aspects of your life. With better networking not even students increase their chances to get better career opportunities but even the universities can be benefitted in improving their administration, management and enrollments.

Therefore, it can be said that keeping in close contact with alumni is one of the most surefire ways for both universities and alumni to cultivate their community.

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