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almabay-logo-light[1]Ways to Get Involved with your Alumni

Whether you’re looking for a new job or planning a career change, your alumni can be a networking goldmine. Have a look at how you can connect with your alumni.


So, you’re done with your graduation and are all-set to step ahead to build your career in your respective field. But, you’re still wondering where to begin from. After all, you need a network to get better opportunities. In such a case, associating with our alumni can be a great networking resource.

However, how do you make the first move to approach your alumni?  There are several simple ways to connect and get involved with your alma mater.

Read on to know more.

 Go back to College: Remember your college’s career services? It still exists. Most of the college service offices serve their alumni in addition to serving their current students also. In addition, the career counselors there might be having a list of alumni who are willing to speak to undergraduates. Plus, your college would also have a record of alumni and their current contact info. Simply, use these services to help you connect with your alumni and build your network. You can also connect with your old professors and management members while you’re at it. They would surely be having plenty of contacts.

Search Social Media: Thanks to Social Media! You can connect to anybody, anywhere. Lucky you’re too    born in the digital era. With social media, it is quite easy to track down your alumni on various channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. However is  a platform exclusively pertaining to alumni groups at regional, national and international level. You can even find people belonging from your industry and working for targeted companies. To get connected, you can join in some discussions or forums and look for job boards. Also, you can get the invitation for the upcoming Alumni event, which can be a great chance to expand your network and get opportunities.

Go to Events

Most colleges keep on organizing events, happy hours, conferences, etc. on weekly and monthly basis. This can be a great way to know and engage with your alumni and its people better. Visit such events whenever possible! Joining and signing up for them or even volunteering can be a great way to meet and connect with your alumni. If you’re unable to find any such event on your own, reach out to your alumni office to find about starting one up.

On that Note …

Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate! Once you’ve connected with your alumni, ensure your college stays on top through alumni e-newsletters, campus event listings, morning updates “alumnus of the month” contests, and more.

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