3 Golden Secrets to Stick to Your New Year Resolution 2017

3 Golden Secrets to Stick to Your New Year Resolution 2017

Like each year, most of you might be ready with your bucket list for 2017. While almost all of us plan several to-do things with the dawn of a New Year, often we fail to fulfill them. And, soon we realize we wasted yet another year in achieving our desires.

Don’t you think it’s time to grow up and be more responsible? So, what should one do to keep up with their resolutions and follow them strictly in their life?

It’s not about saying, “I’m going to do this.” Instead, emphasize more on knowing how you’ll make it happen.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you stick to your resolutions this New Year.

Decide and you’ll make it Happen

We all know it takes a firm mind and hard efforts to make things happen. Resolutions are fun that takes us to the fantasy world where we are thin, smart, successful, happy, etc. However, the bitter truth here is that resolutions require incredible determination to achieve. One should feel that zeal to have things done. Take the decision to put in your efforts, that too, 100%.

Check Points are Easier to Attain

Consider these two goals: “I want to lose 30 pounds this year,” and “I want to lose 2 pounds every month this year.” What do you think is easier to go with? Of course, the latter!  Losing 2 pounds every month seems achievable and would keep you on pace. On the other hand, losing 25 pounds by the end of the year will end up taking your patience and you’ll give up midway.

Leave Room for Flexibility

One common concern with people when it comes to New Year resolutions is that they feel as if their promises are “all or nothing.” This means that if they can’t completely check something off their list, they would end up doing nothing. This is certainly a dangerous way of thinking and one should avoid it.

According to the leadership coach, Kevin Kruse, “The difference between doing something rather than nothing is huge.” “If you don’t have a full hour to workout at the gym, just decide to make it the best 20-minutes you can. If you have a slight cold or minor injury, decide to just walk the track for a couple miles. If you have a financial emergency and can’t save your full 10% this month, just save what you can.

In simple words, any effort towards achieving a goal is far better than no effort. 

Yes, You Can Do It!

Making resolutions is a great thing; however, fulfilling them sincerely is even great. Don’t start it altogether. Instead, start by picking the easiest one. Once you achieve your first resolution, you’ll feel happy and contended. Soon you’ll love working on your resolutions and make efforts. All the best!

And yes, Happy New Year!!

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