Pros & Cons of Using Technology in Classroom

Pros & Cons of Using Technology in Classroom

It’s no secret that using technology in the classroom has been a debatable topic for the last few decades. From teachers to students, and parents to policy makers, everyone has argued on potential pros and cons of classroom technology.

When it comes to classroom technology, it covers using smart devices by the teachers to teach and even devices by students and grab that knowledge, study and learn. While technology in the classroom offers the ability to learn more and evolve better, excess and improper use can harm their mind and body.

To decide the importance of using classroom technology is like fence sitting. Below we’ve listed both the pros and cons of using technology in the class. Go through these and you’ll get to know how to deal with this issue.

Pros of Classroom Technology    

Enhanced Learning – Classroom technology makes learning faster and easier for the students. It allows them to grasp concept in lesser time. They also gain knowledge from a broader aspect from vast information all around the world with better facts and theories. Learning with the technology also sharpens their creativity, which in turn helps in stimulating their learning ability.

Visual Learning – When a class is equipped with hi-tech gadgets and students have their own devices with them, it gets easier for the teachers to teach any concept in the visual format. Further, it allows you to play more with the pedagogy.

Independent Learning – Technology offers students opportunities to earn on their own. When they have internet connected devices a hand, they can access any type of information anywhere, anytime. This makes tem independent learner, which is a great aid especially when they get stuck in some problem while studying at home.

Cons of Classroom Technology

Technology Distraction – While social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are an interesting way to enhance your knowledge and share it with others, they can be a great distracters too. Teachers and even parents are often concerned about their child regarding this aspect of technology learning. Students develop curiosity and can fall prey into online socializing activities like Snapchatting, and Tweeting.

Personal Security and Safety

Technology possesses great threat to security and safety of students. They are likely to indulge in accessing unwanted content that might ruin their innocence and hinder their learning. It is due to this reason that most search engines offer facilities of filtering or removing unwanted content on the websites.

Foster Bad and Unethical Practices in Students

Technology can foster more cheating in class. Students can learn wrong practices of doing cheating in exams, hacking accounts to grab other’s information, etc.


While technology in education can play a crucial role in the learning habits of students,  teachers and parents will have to ensure that they are accessing the right information from Internet.

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