Benefits of Mentoring Platforms for Students

Mentoring is an interesting and engaging extra-curricular that offers incoming and present students and alumni. It is about efficient usage of university resources, networking and connecting students and alumni, offering them support to handle their entire journey of life from university to professionalism. Having a mentoring platform has proven to be very beneficial for the […]

AlmaBay Mentorship Program

AlmaBay Mentorship Program With an objective to provide experience, expertise and direction to the students, AlmaBay has created mentorship programs that would not only prove to be advantages but profoundly insightful as well for students focusing on moving further in education or zeroing in, on career choices and opportunities ahead. Introduction: The primary motive of […]

How to Prepare for Board Exams?

  How to Prepare for Board Exams?   So…February is looming followed by horrifying March. Stop all fun here and set yourself ready for the pre-boards and boards. It’s the exam time. Are you prepared for the fight?? Not yet!!! No worries. Check out these simple tips and start preparing today. Pre-boards are an opportunity […]

How to Overcome Exam Fear?

“Put your books aside and enter the exam hall. Time has begun!” And the trouble starts!! You feel like ‘lifeless.’ Your heart gets a stroke. You body sweats and as you see the exam paper on your desk…your mind goes blank!!! Isn’t it???? This is a genuine case with every student…the Exam Phobia! When students […]

How to Beat Examination Fear?

Exam Fever!!!!! 15-year-old Simar can’t enjoy anything. Like her fellow students, she is at this time holed up in her room, studying furiously. The burdensome exam schedule and tough textbooks, Simar is facing a hardtime like every other student during exams.  She needs to get good grades in her exams. Although she has prepared well, […]

How to Start An Alumni Body

An alumni association provides with the opportunity to bring together all types of people that share a common bond, the feeling of belongingness and affection towards the university. Being associated to an alumni body emboldens your engagement not only to the institution but also the fellow alumni in the most gratifying manner. It’s a channel […]