How to Beat Examination Fear?

Exam Fever!!!!!

15-year-old Simar can’t enjoy anything. Like her fellow students, she is at this time holed up in her room, studying furiously.

The burdensome exam schedule and tough textbooks, Simar is facing a hardtime like every other student during exams.  She needs to get good grades in her exams. Although she has prepared well, she still is very stressed and worried that she cannot even sleep. Poor Girl!!

The bitter truth is, no matter how many times you’ve appeared for the exam, they just don’t get easier!

Hence, to reduce your exam stress, here’s guide to help you survive during the exams from that extreme stress. Have a look.

I can and I will!!! – Be positive! Trust yourself. If you’ve really worked hard year long, there’s no need to worry at all. Being stressed is not going to help you in performing better in the examination. So, when negative thoughts catch you, interrupt yourself actively with positive ones, such as “I’ve done this before and I can do it again.”

Plan your study time well – You’re setting yourself to stress if you leave your studying too late. Plan your study sessions in advance and keep them to about 50 minutes long.  Make sure to take five or 10 minutes break in between. These short breaks will help your brain rest and recover.

Eat healthy – You might have heard it 100times before, as it’s true! Take care of your body and your brain will function well. Don’t take too much caffeine. Stay away from the junk like chips and chocolate as they will not provide your brains with the right kind of energy it needs for best performance. Try to feel active from within even when you don’t feel like. Honestly, it’ll boost your energy and helps you focus better.

Get lots of exercise– Keep moving you body, even if it’s just 10 minutes of dancing to your beloved music. This will help your body cope better with the stress with a sound sleep.

Give a pep talk– Although it may sound corny, controlling your inner stressful voice brings a great change in your attitude. When you start worrying, and feel like, “This is just too hard!”, leave all your books and take a break. Indulge in other things, talk to your friends for a while or watch your favorite stuff for a while. When you feel at ease, start again!  Take deep breaths! Taking deep breaths for a moment helps you to focus and calm down.

Get enough sleep– Students make a common mistake of giving their nap time to study. However, actually not getting enough sleep reduces your ability to retain information drastically and deal with stress.

Be realistic– Be practical and manage things well. Leave enough time to study, set attainable study goals and don’t leave everything for the last minute! These are the keys to success.

In Short, by controlling the study schedule, thought process and inner dialogue can significantly lower your stress during exam helping you to focus more on your preparation.

Have a stress-free exam period!!!!

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