How to be Good at Public Speaking?

Rightly said, “There are three things to aim in public speaking: get into your subject, get your subject into yourself and to get your subject into the heart of your audience. “ Public Speaking is an art. However, you don’t have to be a “born” speaker. This is something you can be better at with […]

How should students use their summer holidays effectively.

How should students use their summer holidays effectively. With an aim to achieve exposure to the working culture, gain inside experience in a certain profession/company and have an overall personal and professional growth, students use the summer holidays and other breaks to their advantage by taking up temporary assignments and projects. Most educational institutions encourage […]

7 Ways to Engage Your Alumni Using Social Media

While getting a desired job in the current economy isn’t easy, associating with alumni engagement programs is no less than a savior for job seekers today. This is why universities across the globe have started using social media channels for engaging their alumni to harness its power for their students. Below are 7 significant ways […]