7 Ways to Engage Your Alumni Using Social Media

While getting a desired job in the current economy isn’t easy, associating with alumni engagement programs is no less than a savior for job seekers today. This is why universities across the globe have started using social media channels for engaging their alumni to harness its power for their students. Below are 7 significant ways […]

How to Start An Alumni Body

An alumni association provides with the opportunity to bring together all types of people that share a common bond, the feeling of belongingness and affection towards the university. Being associated to an alumni body emboldens your engagement not only to the institution but also the fellow alumni in the most gratifying manner. It’s a channel […]

Secrets Your HR Won’t Tell You

It’s been almost 10 months I have been working in the current company. Being my first company, I believe that it is the best ‘starter’ for me. When you like a place or its people, you probably make more efforts whole-heartedly and this what exactly I did. Working till late, extra efforts, getting more projects […]