How to Prepare for Board Exams?

  How to Prepare for Board Exams?   So…February is looming followed by horrifying March. Stop all fun here and set yourself ready for the pre-boards and boards. It’s the exam time. Are you prepared for the fight?? Not yet!!! No worries. Check out these simple tips and start preparing today. Pre-boards are an opportunity […]

Secrets Your HR Won’t Tell You

It’s been almost 10 months I have been working in the current company. Being my first company, I believe that it is the best ‘starter’ for me. When you like a place or its people, you probably make more efforts whole-heartedly and this what exactly I did. Working till late, extra efforts, getting more projects […]

Recognizing what you’re good at is the key to find the right career. How to discover the appropriate key skills within?

A common yet perplexing question that often turns students ‘pale’ during the interview is probably, “What you’re best at?” or “What skills makes you stand unique?” Everybody knows what they are good at, but they don’t realize it. So, here are a few simple ways to discover your key skills within. Have a look. Introduction […]