Benefits of Mentoring Platforms for Students

Mentoring is an interesting and engaging extra-curricular that offers incoming and present students and alumni. It is about efficient usage of university resources, networking and connecting students and alumni, offering them support to handle their entire journey of life from university to professionalism. Having a mentoring platform has proven to be very beneficial for the […]

How to Prepare for Board Exams?

  How to Prepare for Board Exams?   So…February is looming followed by horrifying March. Stop all fun here and set yourself ready for the pre-boards and boards. It’s the exam time. Are you prepared for the fight?? Not yet!!! No worries. Check out these simple tips and start preparing today. Pre-boards are an opportunity […]

Trends in Education

Introduction The world around us is changing and changing fast, what’s existing is already absolute and everyone is constantly looking out for what’s new on the horizon. As the present gives way to the near future, unlimited technological advancements and controversial ideas replace our immediate scenery in every aspect of our reality. The year may […]

How to Beat Examination Fear?

Exam Fever!!!!! 15-year-old Simar can’t enjoy anything. Like her fellow students, she is at this time holed up in her room, studying furiously. The burdensome exam schedule and tough textbooks, Simar is facing a hardtime like every other student during exams.  She needs to get good grades in her exams. Although she has prepared well, […]