Digital Marketing Trends 2016 Marketers can’t Miss

While year 2016 is heading towards the end of its first-half, pros predictions on impending digital marketing trends is again on the rise.

The ever-evolving and constantly changing digital space has made it challenging for the marketers to keep their eyes wide open on each and every shift.

So, today we have come up with the major trends that are expected to make the biggest impact in digital marketing in 2016.This list of new trends will help marketers focus more on the things that can bring huge differences in their business.

Get some insight into the major transformations and up-and-coming trends that are shaping the digital market in 2016.

  1. Content Strategy for AUDIENCE and not for Search Engines

All these years, marketers have been using content marketing in order to increase their ROI. Unfortunately, internet today is flooded with ineffective, low-quality keyword rich content.

Thanks to the recent Google algorithms that have given marketers a reason to rejoice. Businesses now understand the need to write effective, informative and engaging content for their USERS and not for SEO or search engines.

After all, it’s all about the VALUE. So, use your content to educate, amuse and encourage your audiences at the first place and then inspire them to buy your products or services that are worth spending.


  1. Traditional Email Marketing with a ‘New’ Flavor

Email is probably the oldest way of digital interaction. And there is no doubt that email marketing is an extremely effective way to offer online sales. And hence, email marketing is changing greatly from images that get your emails opened to big subject lines.

This year, email marketing will welcome new trends like increased personalization, detailed and consistent tracking, and interactive email creatives allowing marketers to bring helpful and interesting information directly to the customer’s mailboxes, creatively.

  1. Welcome Live streaming

Platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live, and Meerkat are becoming more relevant rapidly as users want their information in real time. This is a clear indication for the marketers to go where their audience is. Marketers should focus more on providing information to the people in real time. Engage with your audience more and more on these platforms.

4.    Go Mobile !

A website that isn’t responsive to screen size is a waste. After the release of Google’s mobile responsive algorithm, it is now mandatory for the businesses to develop mobile friendly websites. And for this, even Search engines like Google are rewarding businesses with higher rankings. Having mobile-responsive websites not only helps users to access their favorite brand anywhere, anytime but also make their online interaction easy. With the mobile versions of e-commerce websites, it is no more tedious to shop on mobile devices.

  1. Video content is ALL-IN

YouTube has been continuing to rule the web since 2015, which means that video is the key player today. While long form content will always be the king, video is able to attract users at a much higher rate. Studies have proved that visitors stay two minutes longer on any webpage with a video on it.

Besides being interactive and entertaining, video is also easily shareable across platforms. Moreover, there are various ways to use videos effectively for driving awareness and sales such as through landing page videos, product demos and customer reviews, etc.


The Bottom Story

It can be concluded that digital marketing space will continue to reshape how businesses approach the customers allowing them to present themselves as a sophisticated providers of their goods and services.

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  1. It was definitely a interesting article, as a student of marketing I actually liked it and learned few new things from it. Keep posting more such blogs.

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