Why Should You ‘Give Back’ to Your Alma Mater?

Since adolescence, I waited for the day when I could give my parents a return for all the hardships they’ve been through, for me. Last month, I bought them a brand new car, the one my father loved. Making your parents feel proud is the greatest emotion in the world, and probably the biggest triumph in one’s life. But what about giving the “Guru Dakshina” to your alma maters who put-in all their precious time and bestowed us with all their knowledge and shared their experience? Don’t you think they too deserve a ‘return’???

‘Giving back’ is not just a part of gesticulation, but it’s a great way to show your support, and to express the gratitude you feel for someone. It makes the person or commodity feel what they mean to you and how thankful you’re to them for all what they did or offered you.  Similarly, it’s no exaggeration when people say that the school/college days were “the best of their lives.” Not only those days were full of fun and carefree, but we attained so much more than the education. They prepared us to embrace our future. So, they do deserve a GIVE BACK.

Giving our time and funds to the alma maters support greatly to the future generation and alumni. Our funds that we give to the alumni go towards scholarships, new amenities, and research programs. It also offers them the opportunity to raise the alumni standards and various developments to make it better. Won’t you feel proud to see your alumni be the BEST?

The term ‘Alma Mater’ is although enough to explain why we need to give back to them. The other benefits that your alumni maters and even you can reap from giving back are:

  • Determine the growth of your alumni – As said above, your time and money can be a great support to your alumni mater. Even a little donation can go a long way to support your alumni’s well-being.
  • It’s not always about MONEY – When we were a part of the alma mater, their time meant to lot for us and not the money. The same applies when it comes to giving back. Your time can be much more significant than your donation. Give your time to the alumni, stay associated with them in some or the other way and connect the dots of your accomplishments with them.
  • Giving Back is equal to giving yourself – Yes! For instance, if you spend some hours from your busy schedules to the students of your alumni, say as a guest faculty, you’ll gain yourself a lot. Knowledge and education has no limit. Even if you cannot afford to teach there, spending time with your alma maters can sharpen your knowledge and keep you updated.
  • Increase your degree value – When you stay connected with your alma mater, it helps them in building their worth and prestige in the world around. This in turn helps in increasing the value of your degree or diploma when authorities and people learn about your educational background and alumni.
  • Bring ‘those’ days back – When you stay connected with your alma maters, you get chances to live those memorable college days back. You get opportunities to enjoy alumni events, and trips. You can even continue with your passion, you might have had in your past.
  • Builds your own Reputation and Networking – Undoubtedly, when you stay associated with your alumni maters and the students, you build relationship with them. This builds up your network and makes you more popular. If you run a business or an organization, supporting your alumni will definitely boost your business reputation and publicize it.

Above all, giving back gives you a sense of ‘self-satisfaction’ and you feel good about yourself. So, don’t neglect your alma mater and start giving back in anyway you can!

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