How to Develop Your Social Media Strategy for Alumni Engagement?

Social Media has literally transformed the way people these days see things. Almost every sphere of life, say business, education, lifestyle, etc., is highly influenced by social media. As such, it is important even for the Alumni Programs to have a well-developed social networking alumni platform to engage its alumni efficiently. But how? Have a look.

A solid social media strategy is a must-have for alumni associations these days desiring to bring together alumni in support of their alma mater.

It takes a lot to develop a robust, integrated and a comprehensive strategy. To keep it simple, here we have focussed on top three things you should consider doing to prepare your organization for the development of a complete strategy. Check them out.

  1. Determine your ‘online ambassadors’ – Online ambassadors” is a term used to refer a group of people who are enthusiastic social media users with a large following of other social media users. These are the web surfers who can encourage large masses to attend an event, support a cause, eager to donate, join new members and any other online activity that comes to mind.Such groups are easy to spot and are consistently active online. These people hold strong influential positions even outside the social media space. Hence, to build a strong social networking alumni platform, look out for those online ambassadors.
  1. Build a Content Strategy that revolve around Your Online Ambassadors and their habits– Once you identify your potential online ambassadors, follow them and try to know them more; find out what they like to do while they’re active on social media. Here, creating a content strategy to guide your organization’s online and social media routine activities should be a part of your comprehensive strategy. Right and sharp decisions about what and when to post/update should be made according to the interest of your online ambassadors; whatever they’re looking for on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, blogs, etc. Find out what all your ambassadors want from online and social media.  After that, develop a content strategy, which offers them a reliable basis on social media to develop strong online relationships with them.
  1. Making and benefitting from relationships with ‘Online Ambassadors‘- Simply, be in constant touch with the online ambassadors you follow. In accordance to the basic beliefs of social media including being alert and sharing others’ content will help nurture relationships with your alumni association’s online ambassadors.Gradually, you’ll be able to build a dedicated following of social media users having a great deal of influence in their own communities – both offline and online. This is of great significance when you need a community to help you achieve something through social media and online presence.


Hence, identifying online ambassadors and dedicatedly following them is a vital step in developing your social media alumni networking platform strategy.

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