Innovative Teaching Hacks that Work

 Innovative Teaching Hacks that Work 

“To the world you may be just a teacher, but to your students you are a HERO”.

So, you’ve prepared yourself to step-in to the school, as a teacher. Numerous thoughts would be pondering in your mind about what all you’d to on your first day of school.

There’s no doubt about it. Beginning your new job in a new profile in a strange environment among new faces, and unfamiliar pitfalls can be a daunting.

In such a scenario, to help you stay calm and cool, here are some teaching hacks for you to keep in mind as a new teacher.


A smile can win your students’ heart at once. The stricter you’ll behave with them, the more they’ll maintain distance from you. A smile sends a generous and powerful message to your students to show that politeness and kindness are expected. When your students ask you something and your respond them back with a smile, they feel comfortable.  This is significant because when your students are comfortable with you, they’ll want to please you, listen to you and behave well with you. Try to become the ‘teacher with a smile’, rather than becoming a stubborn teacher with a stick.

Organize Yourself

As a teacher, you should learn to self organize yourself.  Look for an organization system that you can schedule and manage all your work and stick with it. With a class of students with higher strength, it’s crucial that you stay organized!

Follow through

Inconsistency is the quickest way to lose control of your class. Your anger and, misbehavior with the students causes disappointment and resentment in them and they ultimately misbehave more. To avoid such circumstances, remind yourself that you can win over your students only through your consistency. Try to build trust with them. This is important because the moment they realize that you do not keep up with your words, they’ll get out of control. Act straightforward, like a robot. Simply, move towards the misbehaving student; tell them what mistake they made along the consequence, then turn and walk away.

Add a dose of fun

It’s easy to get caught up in teaching the class and forgetting the importance of making school fun for students. This is the ultimate secret to classroom management. When your class is happy, engaged and satisfied, they look forward for you. Adding that fun element in the class reduces the chances of indiscipline and misbehaviour of the students. The combination of fun and accountability can transform even the most naughtiest students. This doesn’t mean you always have to make extra efforts ad time in planning engaging games, simply sharing a laugh with your students can bring wonders for you. Just be yourself and don’t ever be afraid to show your personality. Enjoy your job and your students will love you for it.

Teach Detailed Routines

For a well-run classroom, routines act as a savior. They not only save time, but keep your students focused on learning. Whatever you do repeatedly, be it lining up for lunch, circling into groups or turning in work, remember to make a routine. The key here is to teach your students in a detailed way. Be one among them and then guide them through the steps you want them to take. This will help you in making them understanding things better and they’ll feel easy to interact with you better.


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