Recognizing what you’re good at is the Key to finding the right career fit. How to find the appropriate key skills within?

So, let me share my story. Before that let me tell you, I’m a WRITER by passion and by Profession, too! However, two years back, I had no idea that I’d ever opt for this career.

Deciding our career isn’t an easy task and I was no different to this problem. I did my masters in computers and had idea about the common career options – Website Designer or Developer. For starters, I actually began working as a .Net developer Trainee. However, it could not hold me for long… not even for 4 months. Yes!!! I left my first job as a developer in just 3 months… And.. Never opted for the same career again.

For 6 months after leaving my first job, I tried various career options. I tried to enter managerial jobs, teaching jobs, but nothing worked well. I wasn’t happy and satisfied. I felt like something was missing.

One day, I found a job opening as an Editor/Writer in an IT company. What allured me was the salary package they’re offering for the post. And I decided to give it a try!

I went for the interview. The interviewee told me everything about their company, about the job profile and the responsibilities. I found it all interesting, don’t know why. Luckily, the interviewees were quite impressed with my confidence and the way I responded them. In spite of the fact that I had no prior experience in writing or editing and that I belonged to an entirely different tangent, they offered me a chance to work as a Freelance writer for their company for first 3 months.

When I gave my first article, they were really impressed with my writing style, though it was a very technical topic. And….they hired me on a satisfactory salary package.

And this how I started my career as a Writer!!

Choosing the right career is very critical as your entire life depends upon this decision. After getting the job, I tried to find why this profession attracted me so much? And then, I realized it was because of the relevant skills I possessed.

Creative, imaginative, good at English and communication and a keen researcher – these were the skills I possessed that landed me to the right career path.

For you to choose the right career path, you need to recognize your skills, what all things you’re good at. And… it’s very easy to find out this. Here’s how.

3 Simple Ways to Recognize Your Skills

  1. What do you love to do the most?

Whether you’ve been working earlier or have just ended up with your schooling, your skill set is already created within you. To identify your skills, just think for a while about the things you most liked doing, what in particular you have been good at all the times?

And enlist all such things. Spending some time thinking about what all you liked and why is your first clue to knowing your skills.


  1. When Were You the Most Comfortable and Satisfied?

This is a reality – you cannot stick to a job if you do not feel satisfied and comfortable doing it. So, before making any decision, think back in your life and evaluate all those times when you actually felt happy and satisfied doing something. A person enjoys his/her work only if it’s part of their skill set. So, identify your comfort zone.


  1. What are your Biggest Strengths?

We all possess certain qualities that are unique to us, we all have our own strengths. For instance, my imagination and creativity I recognized as my strength. And yes, I wasn’t wrong.. a writer cannot write without imagination and creativity.

So, take time for self-reflection and identify your biggest strengths, ask yourself what you would love to nurture more within you. Be proud and list all your strengths.


Once you get satisfactory answers to all above questions, combine them and then look for the jobs and options that require the skills that match with yours. Allow yourself to explore possibilities. And… you’ll surely land to the right career path…

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