Your Office Desk Reveals a lot about Your Personality


The way you dress reveals a lot about you, your body language is a reflection to your personality…and even the way you keep your office desk says a lot about you. Yes, you read it right!

Some of you might be keeping your desk clean and sorted, while others might leave it untidy. So, read on to find out which is your Desk type.

The Super-Organized Desk

Functional, neat workspace, clutter-free – these are the characteristics of a Super-organized desk and most likely to denote a super-efficient worker. You hardly find much on their desk except a pen, notepad, and important office equipments. The super-organized desk produces an aura of intimidating quiet power. Such people are subject to mood swings, desire to feel needed. However they are also charming and helpful at the same time, if relied upon.

The Organized Chaos Desk

People who keep their desk organized but create lots of chaos are likely to be tidy, however doesn’t make it often! Such a personality creates panic if things are not easily accessible to them and have a filing system spread everywhere. These people try to organize their things however fail often. In order to cope with the stress and to keep cam, they rely on sips of tea/coffee. But, these people are very flexible and easily adaptable to situations.

The Personality Extension Desk

Such desks are decorated with posters of favorite celebrities, postcards and pictures, animal snaps, etc. These people love to keep their makeup things on their desk including hand creams, combs. Etc. You might also see food and drink on the desk as they are always on the go. They love to be among family and friends, are talkative but not always discreet.   

The Creative Chaos Desk

Such people have a clutter-full desk which reveals that they have a variety of interest and are creative. Such people need to have things at hand. While these people are often distracted, they are always filled of great ideas and hence are great lateral thinkers.

The Show Desk

People with such desk reveal a false image of their own or the company to which they belong. You’d hardly find items of personal effects which gives an impression of control and space.  These people are likely to have a double faced personality. While they’re friendly among their own group, they adopt a professional mask once at the desk. 

The Trophy Desk

People with successful personality who love keeping their desk messy with items that reflect their success falls under this category. It may appear chaotic, however each “trophy” is deliberately and strategically placed for maximum impact. Such people are team leaders by nature and think big. However, they often expect appreciation and are prone to discontent and bouts of sulking.

So what is your desk saying about you?


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