Why Your University Needs Better Data Management?

What your University does to manage its massive data?  Is it still following those traditional methods of data processing? If this is so, you need to tie your shoelace. Universities should now begin managing their data processes online. This is because most of their students and alumni are available online, and using an online data management tool can save a lot of their time and efforts. Not only this, using online data management tools also helps universities to engage with alumni and boost campus enrollment.

Have a look at a few reasons why your university should embrace an online data management solution:

Helps in streamlining your workflows and data systems

Working and managing a higher education system is burdensome and even complex. Myriads of work processes needs management like processing the donations, enrollment of the new students, applications to review, etc.. Deploying an online solution can eliminate this stress by automating these processes. Online forms such as university enrollment forms, donation forms, student feedback forms, etc can help universities in gathering important information. Not only this, it also help them route form data to web applications like your CRM, analytics platforms, email marketing platform, and payment processors.

Online data processing also enables universities to organize various workflows and create a more efficient system for student data management. For instance, an online registration form to collect online applications can help you send the collected data to specific approver emails for the feedback. Further, if you have a comment system, it allows approvers to share their reasons for accepting or rejecting any application. This ensures that your approval process is running smoothly.

Helps you engage with more alumni and raise donations

Online data management methods ensure that your students and alumni stay connected even after graduation through email newsletter signups, event registrations and surveys. Your online process can help in sending a confirmation email immediately after the form gets submitted which is a great way to create personalized experience for your students. Moreover, embedding donation forms and event registrations help encourage more participation.

Helps you reach more students and increase campus enrollment

While streamlining your data processes is good, it won’t make any sense if you’re not getting adequate data. Getting high registration rate for campus events or boosting the admissions is often a problem for the universities. For this, universities need to use optimized online processes to achieve their goals. You can encourage more sign-ups using online forms which make it easy for prospective students to register with you. Further to streamline your online forms, you can use insights from your analytics platforms to determine risk areas. Online data management tools also allow you to get social with your alumni and students through your social media channels that can further help you increase your online recognition and boosting campus enrollment.

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