Don’t Learn to Code: Learn to Work with Technology

grow-with-technologyLearn to Work with Technology

The future belongs to those who work with and not against the rising tide of technology. Digital transformation has taken place everywhere, in every stream. Therefore, it has become imperative to learn technology and its basics and not just cram it.


Technology is all over the place and has interwoven almost every aspect of our life. With its increasing impact in our lives, it only makes sense to learn and understand it from the core.

Considering the increasing dependence on the technology, education system of various countries has made it a mandatory subject as – IT. It is a compulsory subject till secondary classes and then a separate stream in senior classes, in India.

These days, studying IT has become common because of its extensive scope in the future. Hence, students are developing their interest increasingly into building careers in technology and related career options such as website designing and development, testing, analysts, etc. Not only these IT-based jobs get them good remuneration but also have an extensive scope in the future.

Hence, everyone today wants to learn to code. They want to be skillful and apt in various programming languages. But, experts say that learning a simple skill doesn’t help you that much.

You might find becoming a programmer appealing. However, seeking job based on any one specific “hard skill” is an out-of-date way of thinking. With the rapid evolution of technology, we are forced to rethink constantly about the hard skills that are in demand. Thus, it is a necessity today to stay on the top of the hard skills in the short term.  But how?

One of the best ways to pave your way to succeed is to focus on the soft skills required regardless of what technology you are working with. This not at all means that you keep yourself away from learning to code. You just need to learn various aspects of coding also.

You should engage more with technology and not just a part of it (like coding). If you want to have a related skillset throughout your life, technology should be considered as an ongoing education. While this might require a bit of work, most students are keen to learn about new technologies always. It feels more like fun and not just like you’re working.

With this approach, even the smartest employees will be able to use technology to their advantage. They will be able to recognize the significant ways of utilizing it. Remember, technology will change and even the means of accessing it will change. With strategic implementation, it will remain in constant demand for our future workforce. Hence, learn technology and not just coding.

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